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Tilton Talk-Tomos Clayton

February 6, 2018

As well as looking forward to the upcoming games against Huddersfield and B6 we also look back at the recent 2 wins.....yes 2 wins.., joining us is Tom Clayton.
A bit more Stepping Stones Global.
My aim is initially to try and boost the confidence of adults based in Solihull, who experience, or have experienced anxiety, depression and other such difficulties which affect their day to day life. 
I aim to do this by facilitating groups, such as through my football group I run, RT Rovers, a ‘chari-tea and coffee morning’ playing pool, a walk/run in the local park called ‘Jog on!’ and monthly trips to the cinema, and other activities. I believe that by helping members to get out of the house, and socialise then Stepping Stones Global can help people to take small steps to a brighter future.
For further information, if you know someone who might benefit from this, or you could help in anyway yourself, please contact me on