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Interview with James Walsh

February 21, 2018

A recent interview with author James Walsh (Remastered)


My debut novel ‘There’s No Drinking After You’re Dead’ was published by Griffiths Books in 2017. Second novel ‘Above The Clouds’ is due for release in 2018. I have no concept of genre; I just right fictional truth, real pretend people living real pretend lives! Novels about emotional responses to time and place; it’s tough out there! You know my characters; some of you might even have been my characters at some point in your lives.
Also for 2018, a non-fiction book is planned for publication; ‘Porcelain Gods’, a fans reflection on the death of some of the worlds greatest rock stars. Again, it’s all about the emotional response.
Aside from writing, I’m still going out singing, other people’s songs, in pubs and clubs; gotta pay the bills somehow.
And I have a beautiful family. Two grown up kids from my first marriage, when I was a rubbish husband and father; and three children from my current marriage. I’m sober now; have been for 17 years; believe me, it makes a difference to someone like me.
Life is good. Hard; but good. 
Big Love x