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Tilton Talk-BCFC , Speedway Tavern, Alan Hudson, Terry Curran and More…


Quick chat with legend Alan Hudson  for a quick chat about historical sexual abuse at Chelsea ...

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July 18, 2019

A chat with-Alan Hudson

Quick chat with Alan Hudson on topics of the day-Paddy Power being one of the topics

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Alan Hudson Live The Guvnor talks about the music that's shaped his life with stories both on and off the pitch in Part 3 of My Life My Music

with tracks from George Harrison, T Rex, Bowie and a whole lot more!

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My Life My Music- with Alan Hudson and Gabbie Cabbie AR Alan takes us a trip down memory lane through music & anecdotes of those halcyon days of the golden decade, Produced by Chris Browne

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October 11, 2018

Alan Hudson-My Life My Music

Alan Hudsons life and musical timeline-part one..

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September 4, 2018

Hud at 50 Part 5

Episode 5 of Hud at 50 The Seattle Sounders FC years with the Guvnor Alan Hudson

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Hud at 50 in association with Griffiths-Clothing and supporting The Jeff Astle Foundation Gabbie Cabbie AR & the Guvnor Alan Hudson take a trip down memory lane 're living the Arsenal years ( from a genius to an idiot) #hudat50 #alanhudson #srbradio #bbmedia #arsenal

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Music from Camens, Binky Womack, Gina Carey, Kungs V Cookin, Jimmy Coburn, Plastic Tears, Luper Dupree,Blez, The Fireflys, with interviews with Scott from the Camens and includes Alan Hudson on the World Cup.

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June 13, 2018

Hud at 50 part 3

Hud at 50 part 3 the England football team years, Alf Don and a 3 year ban with Gabbie Cabbie AR & the Guvnor Alan Hudson in association with Griffiths-Clothing www.zani.co.uk and supporting The Jeff Astle Foundation

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Hud at 50 The Stoke City Football Club years Wadd the God ( a match made in heaven) as we take a trip down memory lane almost 50 years on from the Guvnors debut 1st February 1969

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