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Tilton Talk-BCFC , Speedway Tavern, Alan Hudson, Terry Curran and More…


This week we are Joined by Chris Howell ..Chatting about The Sutton Coldfield Town Hall becoming a 500 Capacity Music Venue and forthcoming Events ... And MOTHERS 2 CHARITY GIG.. Playlist Includes Tracks from PEACE / The ACE KEFFORD STAND ( Gary Kefford ) .. / OPEN ARMS / EL SAM / MONDE ROYALE / BROKEN WITT REBELS ( Jonathan Core James Marshall Tranter ) / THE JACK'S / DELTA AUTUMN / REAL COOL / PINK FLOYD / JUICY LUCY ( Colin Casey Mark Mortimer Ray Owen ) SYSTEMATIC / PAPER BUOYS & THE PAGANS ( Andreus Marco Daragh Guest Kirk Hendrix Whitehouse Stuart Lidgbird Christopher Newey ) / THE BEAT ...Chris Howell

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