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Tilton Talk-BCFC , Speedway Tavern, Alan Hudson, Terry Curran and More…Sponsored By Image Cleaning Consultants Ltd -Office Cleaning Birmingham


Last in the current series, no topic unturned, stick your headphones on and prepare to be utterly confused...music from Flashfires

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For SRBMedia

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This week looking at death, religion and Vaginal jewellery ...another fun filled 30 minutes of smuttery! with music from Lissy Taylor..

This episode definitely not one for Auntie Doris..


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On this weeks  show "Biscuit Boys Regurgitated Episode 5" full of stuff you wouldnt talk to your mom or aunt Doris about..and information you would not get on Radio 4, strap yourelf in..and a reminder we charge nothing whatsovever for all the useful information provided..music from

Hope Street

Instagram: @hopestreetmusic
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Hold on to your hats for another 30 minutes of utter stupidity, includes a fantastic track from the Dead Reynolds. 

This show contains some stuff that some may find offensive..

With The Gabbie Cabbie and Chris Browne



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More laughs from the boys, which slowly escalalates towards complete filth and mahem , those of a nervous disposition please switch off now..Music from NORQUAY

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SRBMedia Production

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Naughty version, some of these clips go back a long way , funny and stupid, Biscuit Boys do stupid very well indeed..sit back, stick your headphones on and join the Biscuit Boys in a 30 minute gigglethon, with Music from Honey i shot the president..

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Settle down for a 30 minute giggle.. Re-living some of the daft stuff the Biscuit Boys spurned out over the last 7/8 years..some unheard..some you wish you hadn't heard..with music from John Reardon and The Collective. contains a few mild expletives..

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November 1, 2019

Sounders Special

The tales of 2 Captains from 1 City..... the Emerald City and home of the Kings of Cascadia Seattle Sounders FC by Adrian Webster & Alan Hudson, Hosted by The Gabbie Cabbie

Produced By Chris Browne for SRBMedia

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April 18, 2019

On My Radar April 2019

On My Radar with Gabbie cabbie 8 tracks a little info & a glass of Red. Feat Shiraz Hempstock Jimmy Coburn Ben Pirani Rahsaan Patterson Lina Loi Durand Jones & The Indications Junior Giscombe feat Luciano Ika & Camens produced by Chris Browne for SRB MEDIA

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February 18, 2019

Mrs Brownes Likes

Featuring some of the weird "likes" from recent shows, packed with some of our favourite tracks..

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December 5, 2018

Dawn Astle- My 70s

Dawn Astle talks to Paul Collins about Dad Jeff, an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent.
For over 40 years, Jeff Astle was known for his outstanding footballing career at  Notts County and West Bromwich Albion and as a member of Sir Alf Ramsey's 1970 World Cup Squad. From May 2014, Jeff Astle will be remembered for the disease that killed him.

With the Gabbie Cabbie 

produced by Chris Browne

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No Holds Barred with Paul Devlin Football Coaching on this episode we give an Annie Update,talk about Derbies, International Footbal,l La Liga abroad , coaching & the state of the English game Jack grealish and other talented young players . British Football's big 4 , flying plasmas and a whole lot more with music from Jimmy Coburn & Cat Lundy Music

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September 4, 2018

Hud at 50 Part 5

Episode 5 of Hud at 50 The Seattle Sounders FC years with the Guvnor Alan Hudson

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The Biscuit Boys show in association with Griffiths-Clothing and Jakbed1j music by Jake Aldridge Millie Manders and The Shutup Milestone Road and a whole lot more with special guests Neil Sheasby from Stone Foundation and the multi talented Russell C Brennan


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A remastered audio of when Gabbie Cabbie (Paul Collins) met members of Paul Wellers band backstage in 2013.

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Biscuit Boys show in association with Griffiths-Clothing music & banter with special guests Jimmy Coburn & Angel of the Underworld - Jan Lamb's True Story by Jan Lamb music by, 

A band called jack
Chasing Dragons
Ministry of ska
Harold Melvin
Jeff Kossack
Velvet Starlings
Psykick Holiday
Seven and Counting
Liz Fawcett
Identity Parade

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